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Summary0001763: DM-780 CW(SSB) QSK setting causes unusable TX audio tone
DescriptionWhen using CW(SSB) mode, selecting QSK causes the audio to change from a nearly pure sine wave to harsh, raspy, square-wave sounding audio much like that produced by a spark-gap transmitter.

It renders CW(SSB) completely unusable when selected.
Steps To Reproduce- Open DM-780
- (To verify the gripe:)
  - Open Program Options
  - Select Soundcard and set Output device to the local machine's speakers
- Set the mode to CW(SSB)
- Ensure that QSK is NOT selected
- Transmit test data
- Observe pure sine wave audio from speakers
- Stop transmitting
- Select QSK
- Transmit test data
- Observe the cacophony of crap emanating from the speakers
Additional InformationAffects all 6.x versions
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2018-06-24 14:35

updater   ~0005445

I confirm this problem.

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