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Summary0001777: K3s new attenuator code , preamp levels - add K3s to rig list.
DescriptionK3s has new attenuator steps
Preamp is integral now for 12m/10m/6m,%20F4.pdf

Additional InformationFrom,%20F4.pdf

RA $ (Receive Attenuator Control; GET/SET)
SET/RSP format: RAnn; or RA$nn; .
For the K3 and KX3, nn is 00 (attenuator OFF) or 01 (attenuator ON, -10 dB). For the K3S, nn can be the actual
value in dB: 00/05/10/15 for the main receiver, and 00/10 for the sub. For backward compatibility, RA01 can also
be used to select 10 dB.
Note 1 (K3/K3S): The main receiver’s attenuator on/off condition is saved per-RX ANT state. The sub receivers’s
attenuator setting is not.
Note 2 (K3S only): The user’s desired main receiver attenuator ON level is saved per-band (5, 10, or 15 dB).
Normally the user sets this using menu entry MAIN:ATTEN (a long hold of the ATT switch function is a shortcut
into this menu entry). A host application can directly set this per-band attenuator ON value using RA, while
simultaneously turn the attenuator on, without going into MAIN:ATTEN. Only nonzero values (RA05/10/15) will
update the menu parameter. RA00 turns the attenuator off without updating the menu parameter

Preamp levels
PA $ (Receive Preamp Control; GET/SET)
SET/RSP format: PAn; or PA$n; where n is 0 (preamp OFF), 1 (preamp ON), or 2 (preamp 2 on the KXV3B
module; requires a KXV3B option, which is standard on the K3S but an optional upgrade to the K3).
Note 1: The main receiver’s preamp setting is saved per-RX ANT state. This is not the case for the sub receiver.
Note 2: Preamp 2 is available on 12/10/6 meters only, and must be enabled individually on each band using the
KXV3B menu entry. If the LNA is enabled on the present band, an ‘L’ will appear in the OM (optional module)
response. See OM for details.
Note 3: Preamp 2 is available for sub receiver use only if the sub is sharing the main antenna path.

can detect rig type
RSP format: OM APXSDFfLVR--; where any of the characters APXSDFfLVR, if present, indicate installed
and detected option modules (see list below). The positions of the letters are fixed. If a module is not present, its
letter is replaced by a dash (-). For example, if only a PA and sub receiver were installed, “OM;” would return
“OM -P-S--------;”. Unused dashes are reserved for future module letters and product ID.
Option List: The letters (and associated positions) in the OM string refer to the following option modules:
A = ATU (KAT3A), P = PA (KPA3A), X = XVTR and RX I/O (KXV3, KXV3A, or KXV3B), S = Sub Receiver
(KRX3A), D = DVR (KDVR3), F = Band-Pass Filter module, main (KBPF3A), f = Band-Pass Filter module, sub
(KBPF3A), L = Low-Noise Amplifier available on present band (preamp 2, only available on the KXV3B module),
V = KSYN3A synthesizer (extends VFO tuning range; see note 2 below), and R=K3S RF board.
Note 1: The presence of ‘R’ in the string (K3S RF board) is the preferred way to identify a K3S. In this case: (1)
Use the K3S format for the RA (receive attenuator) command; (2) poll for OM after each band change to 12/10/6
meters to see if the LNA (preamp 2) is enabled. (See PA command for information on preamp 2 use.)
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ModuleRig Control
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