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00017841 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2017-08-17 12:50
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Summary0001784: Need Bulk-Edit for awards drill-down
DescriptionIn awards - once the user has drilled down to a list of QSOs, they will want to update the "Submitted" or "Granted" status. This is very important, as some users submit hundreds of QSLs at a time and very few awards are supported by a system like LOTW.
Steps To ReproducePick an award like CQ DX Field...
Double-click on "Not Submitted"...
Change Filter to "Filter [Newest]"...
Click "View All"...
Click one QSO and hit Ctrl-A...
Right-click the high-lighted QSOs... go to "File"... and you'll see that "Bulk Editor" is grey'd out.

These choices need to be "un-grey'd" (all of them).
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