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00017891 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-15 11:30
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Summary0001789: hover (mouse-over) over single waterfall signal is stuck in PSK mode now. Used to work great in RTTY v 6.0
DescriptionThis is a feature which used to work but became a bug in v6.1 somewhere.

Sometime before ver .177 DM780 broke so that you could not hover over (mouse-over) a RTTY signal in the waterfall and have it popup decode. If you left click over a signal, the signal will decode fine in the conversation window. If you use Supersweeper, several signals will decode fine. BUT if you "hover" on a signal in the waterfall to preview it, you just get gibberish. Used to work great in V5 and early ver 6.0...
Steps To ReproduceGo to PSK31 mode and find a PSK31 signal in the waterfall. Hover over the signal with your mouse and the popup window will decode the signal within 1 second. Very handy for quick checks where you don't want to use Sweeper. Now go to RTTY. Hover over a RTTY signal and you get gibberish. This used to work flawlessly in RTTY mode with early 6.0 releases. Then somehow a bit of code must have gotten corrupted since things are STUCK in PSK31 mode. If you are in RTTY mode and hover over a PSK31 signal, it decodes!
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2018-06-24 14:31

updater   ~0005444

The problem still exists as described.


2018-07-25 12:53

administrator   ~0005795

Updating these to Feedback, as all have questions or need re-tested.


2019-03-10 20:51

administrator   ~0007665

See Mantis 1572 and Mantis 1789

Hover over (mouse over) a digital signal in the waterfall to get a pop up bubble with decoded message. Very handy. You do not need to even click on the signal - just hover. Used to work in PSK31, PSK63 modes and in RTTY. Now stuck in PSK31 mode only.

Still not fixed even though this broke in 2014. Was working in all modes in v5 and several early versions of 6.0

See these videos to describe the issue. You can see how valuable this feature was in contests.

Thanks and 73! Howard W6HDG

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