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Summary0001791: Rig Control Support for Drake R8B Receiver
DescriptionThe R8B is no longer manufactured but still in widespread use. Requesting Rig Control support be added for this radio. Should be straightforward as no TX functions are required.

Additional InformationManual containing codes attached, see page 28. This was on Simon's to-do list at one point but never accomplished. I can provide a command test file for this receiver if needed.
TagsDrake R8B
ModuleRig Control



2015-10-12 14:48


Drake R8B Manual.pdf (473,332 bytes)


2018-11-28 00:51

administrator   ~0006476

This is an interesting idea. It's hard to believe that many folks will have this receiver.


2018-12-06 11:09

reporter   ~0006531

Believe it or not, it is still in very wide use. The price of a used one is far in excess today of what a new one would have cost at one time. It is also supported by hamlib and is still being reviewed on eHam in 2018:

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