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0001799Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-04-21 19:20
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.806 
Summary0001799: Logbook "automatically" creating "HRD My Logbook"
DescriptionCustomers who have created their own logbooks and no longer use the "HRD MY Logbook" complain this log is being automatically created by HRD. I personally have deleted this logbook, it's source in the ODBC Admin to make sure everything was gone, deleted ALL files in the C:\ProgramData\HRDLLC folder and the system still automatically creates this logbook. See attached screenshot.
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related to 0002690 closedK7ZCZ Logbook: can still automatically create unwanted default logbook DB 



2015-10-14 12:23



2015-11-04 23:57


I deleted these in both the Manager and ODBC and they did not recreate in V .444



2016-12-03 14:16

administrator   ~0003033

Just because people don't want to use the default logbook was no reason to avoid having it be created. This wasn't a bug. Actually, I think there may be code in here that creates this if it doesn't exist.

But we may have added this option nonetheless. I can't test it.


2017-06-03 21:24

developer   ~0003189

It's not clear to me if this is a bug or not. Do we desire to create the default DB always, if it doesn't already exist?


2017-07-08 15:06

administrator   ~0003591

This caused us problems. The program should ALWAYS have created this logbook/database. Eliminating this caused big problems/bugs. But it is not a bug. Normal behavior to create a My Logbook database. Users can decide not to use it.


2017-07-23 11:41

developer   ~0003723

I'm sorry, but this is still not perfectly clear. Are you saying the My Logbook Access database should always be created, and that the option to create it (or not) should be removed?

My take is that the option to create the database should be on by default, but should exist. It seems like most users use Access. Those that know how to set up their own database will want to do so, then turn off the automatic creation of an extra database.


2017-08-22 21:28

developer   ~0004073

marking for "feedback" and assigning because of unanswered questions


2017-08-31 02:03

viewer   ~0004087

Not a Bug, this can be configured.
IMHO It is good the way it is created, only the option to disable it is not easy to find (should be in the databases creation window)

Go to: Tools > Configure > Settings
Select: Don't create HRD My Logbook Database

my_logbook.png (61,477 bytes)
my_logbook.png (61,477 bytes)


2017-08-31 15:40

viewer   ~0004090

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Let's not forget that the CLI API will target My Logbook if the 3rd party app does not specify a target database in the data "push". I don't know if this option to not create My Logbook would affect that, or if the CLI API code will create one if it does not exist.


2018-03-28 01:01

developer   ~0004585

Through some emails, we decided that the only time we needed to create a new database was if there was nothing at all configured. Any other time, the user is in control.

The problem here isn't really the "Create by default" checkbox.

At startup, the logbook restores the window layout, including previously opened logbook database tabs. This is where the trouble is. If no database windows were previously opened, the app would try to create a new default database. Maybe the default database already exists, maybe not -- but the creation of the database at this point wasn't appropriate. An error would be pretty startling to the user, and that's what was generating support contacts.

Instead, the code should initialize a database only if absolutely no databases are configured. If no databases were previously opened, the app should open again with no database open, just as the user saved it. This is fixed.

There were also a couple of minor bugs here. For example, if no database was open, the app would end up opening another RAdio window. With this fix, a radio window is opened only if absolutely no other windows were found.

With these decisions, the option to create (or not) the default logbook database is obsolete. If the user has no databases configured at the start of the logbook, one is created always.


2018-03-28 01:01

developer   ~0004586

Shelfset is up for review ...


2018-03-28 18:43

developer   ~0004589

Resolved with this checkin:


2018-04-02 13:28

viewer   ~0004625

Fixed. HRD My Logbook is not automatically created.


2018-04-04 01:13

viewer   ~0004655

The described behavior is observed, including cases where no database tabs are open on startup, as well as none or one Radio Screen tabs open at startup. Fixed.


2018-04-04 11:06

viewer   ~0004676

Fixed (I keep an eye on this where it becomes related to issues logging via JTAllert-x / QSO Relay)
So far so good


2018-04-06 12:28

administrator   ~0004729

As I understand it, here's what this change does (a good thing):

The default is created when there are no other ODBC sources configured in Logbook. This happens at "first run." So if folks remove it after first run, and have a logbook configured, no new "default" is created.

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