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00018041 - BacklogBugpublic2020-07-16 07:36
Reporterpy3ogAssigned Topy3og 
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PlatformWINDOWSOSOS Version10
Summary0001804: Spot Calls on World Map

 "The Longitude and Latitude fields in the second page of the DM-780 ALE must be populated correctly in order for the call to be spotted on the World Map. When the call is found on the QRZ XML lookup, these fields are populated correctly. When the ALE is populated with the data from a previous logbook record, the Longitude and Latitude data is NOT being pulled into the DM-780 ALE field, therefore, it is NOT spotted on the World Map."
Steps To ReproduceEntering the callsign on ALE >>>>> no spots on World Map.
Additional InformationThis bug was on Mantis by number 1815, but no more on there and not resolved.
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2015-10-18 22:28

administrator   ~0000655

Is it possible that any of these are related to this item?

Could it be that the wrong mode is being reported to PSK Reporter and that's why the spots are not showing up (Mantis ID 1651)?


2018-07-25 12:53

administrator   ~0005799

Updating these to Feedback, as all have questions or need re-tested.


2018-08-09 03:59

updater   ~0005953

The DM780 ALE populates the World Map but the Logbook ALE does not.
Is that by design?


2018-12-21 14:53

administrator   ~0006786

Maybe this is an enhancement request?

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