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0001806Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-22 00:05
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.3.0.448 
Summary0001806: LoTW download not updating the log
DescriptionPhone contact with remote into his system.

Select download from LoTW and it does NOT automatically download confirmed QSOs. Pulled an ADIF of confirmed QSOs from customer's LoTW account and imported into HRD and it updated 80+ matches including new ones he was looking for.

Additional InformationThe file actually IS downloading. It's just not updating the log that has the QSOs in it.
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2015-10-22 23:51

administrator   ~0000661

My gut feeling (not an assumption, but based on what I've seen) is this:

Because the migration builds create a SECOND "My Logbook" log... HRD is getting confused during the download and attempt to apply to this new (empty) "My Logbook" log. Because the new log is empty, the logfile will show something like "0/0 records updated" or "0/0 records loaded in xx seconds". It shows "0/0" because the log it's attempting to load them to is empty.

I raised this point before we released the migration build because I saw it in testing.

The larger problem with this is... now that the migration build has created this extra (empty) "My Logbook" log, it will be very difficult to un-do... though new builds can stop doing this on a go-forward basis.


2015-10-27 11:13

administrator   ~0000666

Received another phone call today 10/27/2015, about this same issue. Customer is able to upload to LoTW with no issues, however, when he tries to download from within HRD it fails to download and match any records. If customer does an ADIF download directly from his account on the web and imports it into the HRD logbook using the LOTW import feature, it updates the records as it should.

Tim (KB3NPH)


2015-11-05 00:04


FWIW, this may be fixed in V .444. I was able to delete the My Logbook DB in both ODBC and using Manager and no longer have the My Logbook DB or the Modify DB.

Might want to ask other Betas to test as well.



2016-12-03 10:50

administrator   ~0003019

I can't replicate this problem. What's in the dialog box when he completes the download? It should tell him that no records match. I'd like to see that.


2017-03-05 21:01

administrator   ~0003103

Unable to replicate. Assumed fixed.

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