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Summary0001828: Provide an option to use pre-defined list of US States or a user-entered list
DescriptionBecause the US States pre-defined, we are prevented from using the same fields for creating other awards that refer to "secondary administrative areas" (in Canada, Provinces... in Russia, Oblasts... in Japan, Guns... and so on).
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2015-11-22 00:11

administrator   ~0000674

The awards def builder already has the ability for users (or me) to enter a list of "things". In this case, "things" would be a list of "States"... for the purpose of creating awards that use "secondary administrative areas" (in Canada, Provinces... in Russia, Oblasts... in Japan, Guns... and so on).


2018-03-25 21:21

administrator   ~0004575

I'm adding an image that provides more information. The request was to offer an option to ignore the predefined lists. This button has no effect on the result.

Pre-defined Lists.png (19,779 bytes)
Pre-defined Lists.png (19,779 bytes)


2018-03-25 21:49

administrator   ~0004576

By the way, I'd prefer that there are no pre-defined (hard-coded) lists. But no one else could figure out how to make DC part of MD for WAS. If there's a way to do that in the hand entered list of things in the awards def, I'd be happy to rewrite the few that use them.


2018-03-25 22:07

administrator   ~0004577

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Here, I'm uploading an award definition file for Worked All Canada.

When this is used, it should be counting Canadian Territories by two-letter abbreviation... rather than using the US States list. It's almost like it's ignoring both frankly and not counting anything.

But you can import this one... and see that it doesn't work... as long as you have Canadian QSOs in your log where State is populated with AB
SK, or

WorkedAllCanada.xml (1,993 bytes)


2018-03-25 22:23

administrator   ~0004578

Take Ontario for example. The award def that I created shows zero (for all). But on 80m, based on this screenshot, I know I have five Canadian (DXCC=1) QSOs on 80m where COL_STATE=ON.

FilterExample.PNG (41,451 bytes)
FilterExample.PNG (41,451 bytes)


2018-12-21 10:27

developer   ~0006780

Needs design work and clarification, so assigning this back to MikeC


2019-02-17 11:03

administrator   ~0007416

I have added a more detailed description of the design requirements in the attached document.

Primary Administrative Subdivisions.docx (62,892 bytes)


2019-02-19 20:33

developer   ~0007435

I've added some notes here.

Primary Administrative Subdivisions v2.docx (64,311 bytes)


2019-06-16 17:31

administrator   ~0008108

Reading your notes, I'll put my responses here (due to the problem with attaching files right now):

It's not necessary for us to define Canadian Provinces, Guns, Oblasts... etc. We could... but that's a never-ending game. The requests will never end.

The intention of the changes we make here should enable the "Ignore Predefined Entries" box to work.

When it's unchecked, it works as designed.

When it's checked, it's not ignoring the predefined entries. As such, no one (me, other users, etc) are able to input/use their own list of "Primary Administrative Subdivisions." This can be validated with steps.

The list from 2018-03-25 22:07 can be used to test this when the box is unchecked using a log that has entries where "State" (aka. "Primary Administrative Subdivisions") are populated with Canadian provinces/territories.


2019-06-16 23:20

developer   ~0008112

The repro steps are incomplete, as far as I can tell. It seems like they must provide a reference database that does (or doesn't) match the supplied province abbreviations. Is such a database available?


2019-06-17 14:23

administrator   ~0008120

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Here are complete steps. I can also provide the exported awards definition:

Let's attempt to create a simple Canada awards report. These are the steps that users will take in order to create a custom report using COL_STATE:
- Launch Logbook with a log that has Canadian QSOs in it (a WA9PIE log could be used)
- Click the "Awards Tracking" tab
- Click "Definitions"
- Click "Add"
Unless specified in these steps, all other options remain at default values:
- Give it a name in the Title field: "Canada Award"
- Change "Main Field to display" to: "COL_STATE"
- In the text box below that labled "All fields:", paste the following list of the 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories:


The user, or whoever is managing the award, will provide a list or a file with the valid values for COL_STATE here.

- Check the box that says, "Ignore Predefined Entries."
- Under "Definition", click the "DXCC Filter" and give it a value of 1 (for Canada)
- Up top, click "Add"
- Click the "Years" button and give it a starting date of 1/1/1945 at 12:01 AM (just to go way back)
- Where it says "Labels", type "Mixed"
- Click "Ok"
- Up top, click "Add" (again)
- Click the "Bands" button and select 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6"
- Click "Ok"
- Click "Ok" to close the award definition dialog box and save the award.

Then view the award.

If you get the same results I get, the award will be completely empty, but will show 13 entities needed.

What I can only assume is that the award is looking for DXCC=1 (Canada) and is looking for the predefined list of US States among the QSOs in Canada. (Obviously, I can't prove that. But I do have a log full of Canadian QSOs where the State field is filled with valid two-letter abbreviations for Canadian Provinces or Territories.

The option to "ignore predefined entries" isn't working.


2019-09-25 08:36

developer   ~0008658

These steps seem dependent on some pre-existing database records being present (or not present?) It also includes vague instructions, like "if you get the same results I get" ... but doesn't clearly describe what those results are, or what they might mean.

If we want to move forward by writing code directly instead of writing a specification, I can try that -- but I do need the reference database and will probably have further questions. I might be able to take a cut at implementing the request, but I'm not perfectly comfortable doing so because I don't think we have a particularly crisp definition of what the feature is meant to do.

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