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00018461 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-15 11:30
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Summary0001846: DM780 Waterfall Color Customization
DescriptionAs reported in Ticket #133481:
When editing the Waterfall color scheme, using a Custom Scheme, the import/export xml functions appear to have a minor bug. The attachment label "Correct" was a custom scheme I designed, black at the bottom and red at the top. I used the "Export" button to save the xml file, and then changed custom slot from 2 to 1, and attempted to import the xml file I just generated. The result, in slot 1, is the picture labeled "Incorrect"

As you can see, the result has two problems:
1. It did not save and load the top color (red) properly, it just defaulted back to white. It may also be not loading the bottom color properly; hard to tell when my exported bottom color was black.
b. The gradient from the bottom color to the next higher color is not displaying properly, it's just a solid color. I tried deleting the middle point and re-inserting it; the color was still solid. I tried changing the bottom color to white, and then changing it back to black, the gradient remains missing.
Steps To ReproduceBoth Robin G1MHU and I tested this issue.
1. Created a new waterfall custom color scheme
2. Exported the file
3. Restarted DM780
4. Imported the newly created .xml of the color scheme and the changes are as reported by the customer.
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