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0001848Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-21 23:54
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.638 
Summary0001848: Cluster node name being appended to announcement messages
DescriptionWhen sending a cluster announcement, the connected node name is being appended to the message and needs to be removed.
Steps To Reproduce- In the DX Cluster pane of Logbook, click the "Show" drop-down and select "Announcement"
- Send an announcement and notice that when it is displayed, the cluster node name is appended to the end.

[To test this working correctly directly, click the "Show" drop-down and select "Console." In the type text field, type "ann This is a test." The message is then sent correctly without the cluster node name being appended. This is how it needs to look when sending with the previous procedure.]
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2015-12-25 12:17


Announcement.JPG (34,457 bytes)
Announcement.JPG (34,457 bytes)


2017-03-05 16:35

administrator   ~0003085

Confirmed fixed.

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