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Summary0001856: Sat track, doppler update period too slow for CW working..
DescriptionI have set the frequency update period to 100ms in HRD Rig Control and when I slide the tuning bar in HRD the radio does seem to tune rapidly. However when using Satellite tracking I have set the update speed to "fast" the radio only seems to update once per second. This is too slow for tracking Doppler and make the radio step frequency too big for any narrow band work like CW or when trying to decode telemetry (eg using the funcube application) Satellite app is connecting OK to HRD via localhost port 7809

I get better results disconnecting the tracking and cranking the tuning dial smoothly during a pass - but that totally defeats the object of using Satellite Tracking!
Steps To ReproduceLoad 2 demomatic TS-2000's

Load HRD Sat, set to track TX on one radio RX on the other

Track TX and RX - updates to rig frequency happen every second ..

Select a LEO sat, then enable TX and RX frequency tracking,
The slow update 1 second can be observed on the demomatic TS-2000

There appears to be no way to improve this.
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2016-03-30 04:30


User re-opened ticket asking when this will be addressed

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