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Summary0001860: Omni VI Connection Problems
I have tried repeatedly to connect to the OMNI 6 using several of the last issued versions from HRD. I can not get the program to connect to the rig. However, I can get the program to connect to this rig if I use the ICOM 735 settings in HRD. I can not read the correct mode, using this ICOM 735 set up. I correctly read frequency; can change frequency, band, and VFO A/B, using the ICOM 735 settings. It is only the mode that is not correct. it reads AM or FM on any mode. I am using the ICOM CT 17 to a serial port, with 19200 baud.
What do I need to do to get the OMNI 6 settings in the HRD program to connect to the radio? I submitted this question recently, but could not remember the ticket number. So, I could not check on status.
Thanks for your help.
John W5LNI
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ModuleRig Control


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