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Summary0001863: Sat control.. VFO tracking bug..
DescriptionTX track bug.. - see notes and ticket

Steps To Reproducesetup
ICOM 7000 connected to HRD
DemoMatic TS2000 connected to HRD.

Load SAT-Tracker
set the DemoTS2000 as the RX
set the ICOM as the TX

the RX wont ever update unless you stop tracking TX, if you stop tracking TX; RX will automatically and instantly update - start tracking TX again and it fails - same issue found on any other setup

So I can make the demo-matic the TX and the icom the RX
the icom7000 wont update (same problem reversed the radios)

it appears that the icom logic has some problems, possibly related to the 910xxx units code that was added recently
Additional Informationsee ticket


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