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0001866Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-06-13 19:41
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Summary0001866: Date Display On QSL Labels
DescriptionTicket# 309371
I was finally able to get the QSL print function to work with my Brother QL-700 printer (previous ticket 448147). However, I noticed that when I print the QSO information (QSL Traditional or QSL Modern), the date prints out in the usa format (month, day, year) instead of the foreign format (day, month, year).

In doing research, I understand that the date format designated in the operating system (windows 10) controls the date format that HRD Logbook uses and prints on the QSL labels. I did attempt to change the date format used by my computer to the foreign day, month, year version. After the change, the foreign format displays correctly in Logbook, but when I go to print, I get the day and year, but the month prints out as zeroes. I have tried all the foreign date formats I can think of, but I still get zeroes printing out for the month.

This situation is making it difficult to complete my QSL cards with a date format recognized by foreign contacts.
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2018-06-01 15:48

developer   ~0005171

Fixed with this changeset:

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