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Summary0001868: FT-991 The Satellite Module – Manual Tracking Not Working
DescriptionTicket #250197
Even with my brand-new FT 991, I'm having the same problem I had with my FT 897 and FT 857 when it comes to the HRD Satellite Tracking Module.

The problem I'm having is with the manual tuning ability which is critically important with the linear transponder satellites. Note from the graphic that I'm running build 466. This screen grab shows that I was working AO 73.

When you click the checkbox for manual tuning enable, you're supposed to get the blue bar below the checkmark which is a countdown timer for returning you to non-manual tuning.

The problem is that the blue bar, more often than not, does not show up – which means you have no manual control of the frequencies for both receive and transmit. The graphic shows that the blue bar is available – but this is only after the satellite was out of range. The entire time that the satellite was visible at my QTH, the blue bar was not showing no matter what I did.

This issue was repeated again a few minutes ago with FO 29.

I reported this major problem with a support ticket back in December 2015 but it was never resolved in spite of Tim verifying the problem during a team viewer session with my system. The fact that it is with additional radios beyond my FT 897 and FT 857 means that it is a more major bug than first believed. Hopefully, it won't fall between the cracks again.


TagsFT-991, FT-991A, Yaesu
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related to 0001619 assignedWA9PIE Manual Tuning Does Not Work in Sat Tracker 



2019-02-04 18:11

administrator   ~0007256

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This Mantis issue represents some serious problems.

First, there's little background on the problem here. If I visit the ticket, I find the fundamental information I need to start investigation. The ticket notes that the customer is using build, so I've entered the closest available number in the product version field. The ticket also indicates Windows 10 x64, so I've noted that here, as well.

Next, I can't find any documentation about a manual tuning feature. This issue includes no repro steps, so I wanted to read-up on how things are intended to work. A couple points in the ticket, the customer indicates that the feature is working perfectly ... but of course doesn't explain what that means. There is no useful documentation for the Satellite module. The available documentation doesn't mention manual tuning at all.

If I play with the application, I find that marking the "enable" button in the "manual tuning" group box on the "Tuning Dial" control bar in the Satellite app doesn't have much visible effect.

I do notice that I can offset the satellite's natural uplink and downlink frequencies using two sliders on the right side of the tool bar. Pulling the sliders left decreases the natural frequency of the satellite, and pulling the sliders right increases the frequencies. This seems like a useful way to offset the uplink and downlink frequencies slightly, while allowing the Doppler calculation to continue to track the frequency for the satellite's path.

However, the software exhibits some behaviour that I can't understand. Since the top slider and bottom slider align with the downlink and uplink frequency settings, respectively, it seems like the top slider should nudge the downlink frequency and the top slider should nudge the uplink frequency. But that's not the case: both sliders adjust the uplink frequency. There' s an "undo" button in the center of the bar that resets the natural uplink and downlink frequencies, as if I'm undoing the cumulative effects of manipulating the sliders. That seems to make sense, it works, and it reinforces the guess that the sliders are meant to nudge the frequencies around.

I do see a blue bar in the "Manual Tuning" group box from time to time. It counts down and disappears very rapidly. I've tried a few times and I don't think I can observe any change in behavior of the sliders or the set frequencies while the blue bar is actually present.

Finally, it's not clear to me what (if anything?) in the context of this issue is dependent on the specific radio model,

On top of it all, the customer service representative handling the ticket has gotten into a fight with the customer and slammed the ticket closed while the customer was still asking for help.

I'm not sure how to best proceed.


2019-02-05 21:02

administrator   ~0007285

This needs some design work.


2019-02-05 22:53

administrator   ~0007289

I just looked through the manual and other sources of information and I can't find a shred of information about it. That said, I get the following comments from sat operators:

"Biggest thing is to have full and reliable doppler control for Icom radios, IC-910, IC-9100 etc. For the ISS we need reliable "split" operation (doppler control) since it is VHF/VHF. Manual tuning function is needed to adjust the uplink independently from the downlink until the operator hears him/herself on the downlink (SSB satelites). Then doppler tracks both. If downlink is changed (to get on frequency with another station) on the radio, HRD needs to recognize set and track the new downlink correctly with the now (software corrected) corresponding uplink. Hope that makes sense. If you like to see how it happens and what functionality is needed, please have your folks use SatPC32."

"I guess there was a time when manual tuning was the in-thing, even though everyone would drift off the end of the bird's pass-band. However, speaking of the 21st century, I've always considered computer based Doppler tuning as a minimum in my operations with SSB birds. "

All that said, I've asked one of the former beta testers... a satellite operator... to assist me with crafting the functional spec and helping to describe what the current problems are with this feature.


2020-01-07 05:02

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Ticket #325054
customer added a video
I will put it in the DriveFS /Bugs/Maintis# folder for this one.


2020-01-07 05:03

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Dumps folder that is

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