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Summary0001878: DM780 Supersweeper Log Toolbar
DescriptionFrom Ticket #471574:
Using the SuperSweeper with PSK-31. I have the Logbook Toolbar selected to display under the QSO:TX pane. The fields for the Logbook Toolbar are no longer populating, and if I manually enter values (e.g. Callsign or Name), these values are no longer deleted by selecting <Reset> button.

Previously, I was able to <Right><Click> -> Callsign in the QSO:RX pane, and this action would populate the Logbook Toolbar in the QSO:TX pane; this action is no longer working. I am not sure if this procedure also populated the ALE Logbook screen, as I never had to use it before....the self-populating of the Logbook Toolbar in the QSO:TX pane worked great for me. Currently, as I have mentioned, the QSO:TX Callbook Toolbar does not populate; however, the ALE screen does populate, as well as working with my macros.

I am not sure if the above description adequately describes my problem. Below is a screen shot. To produce the result displayed, I had <Right><Click> -> Callsign of WX9LOT from the QSO:RX pane (currently hidden by the ALE screen). As you can see, the ALE is populated correctly with information (and my macros "pick" up the proper values as intended). However, you will notice that the Logbook Toolbar fields, "Call" and "Name" are not populated.
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2016-02-22 11:27


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2016-03-11 12:42


This also occurs inside the normal Waterfall window if multiple tabs are open. Per Ticket # #959391 on a remote, was able to see when only one tab open, the toolbar would populate. However when any additional tabs with different modes were open, the toolbar won't populate. More details in the ticket.

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