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Summary0001882: TS-590s s meter in rig cntrl not showing swr or alc in xmt
I submitted a ticket for this anomaly almost two years ago (sorry I don't have the ticket # any more) attempting to address the fact that in the rig control mode when transmitting, the s meter does not show either swr value or alc value. I was told this was a glitch(cat commands dysfunctional) and would be fixed in a future upgrade. . .this has never happened. Your thoughts on whether this is to be addressed or continually ignored will be appreciated. I can't monitor your software, my sdr panadapter , and my kenwood software with just 2 com ports so it would help if your could fix this long aging problem so I can retire the kenwood software and just use the HRD software.

Your prompt attention to this issue will be greatly appreciated.

More detailed information to this ticket is as follows:

The s meter slider in the rig control module will always return to the left most position (swr) regardless of where you drag it to. . .middle position (comp): right most position (alc). . .none of the three positions show any value in transmit mode. Even the persistent(at rest) swr position shows no value when the 590 is in transmit mode. Please Help!

Additional InformationEnclosed is a screenshot from the TS-590s Cat Command reference manual. Not sure if this is what you would need to check the current program cmds or not, but just in case, here are the commands to read/set the meter settings.

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duplicate of 0001705 feedbackK7ZCZ 1 - Backlog Kenwood Radios (TS-480, 590, etc) do not display TX meters properly 
related to 0001320 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe TS-480 SAT - S-Meter TX Mode not showing for 



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2017-08-15 15:57

updater   ~0003979

Received a call Fred his call is KK4ZT. Aug 15, 2017 Was inquiring if any progress has been made on the this issue.


2017-08-16 11:18

developer   ~0003991

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a TS-590 so we'll have to approach a fix for this indirectly.

I've linked issue 1320, which is about the TS-480 but seems like it's pretty much the same issue. I do have access to a TS-480, so hopefully the radios are similar enough in protocol and implementation that fixing one addresses the other.


2018-07-12 18:38

developer   ~0005668

This is the same issue as 1705.

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