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00019011 - BacklogBugpublic2019-03-10 20:55
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PlatformPCOSWin 10OS Version
Summary0001901: Old problem with DM780 repeat timer reset in CW Winkey
DescriptionUsing repeat timer for calling CQ, the timer resets upon completion of TX text being sent to Winkeyer via COM port rather than when Winkeyer actually completes sending. Worked OK thru v6.2.8.330 (2-4-2015), was broken in v6.2.9.354 (3-20-2015) and all versions since. Note that with Winkey window open, the "SENDING" indicator greys out at the correct point - this is when the repeat timer should be reset.
Steps To ReproduceInitiate a CQ macro using <repeat> function, set timer to 10 seconds. Fire the macro and actual "listen" time will be several seconds short. With Winkey window open, observe when the "SENDING" indicator greys out - several seconds after timer has already rest.
Additional InformationWnkeyer is v22.
This was reported 3-25-2015 and was assigned support ticket #325097. Support acknowledged it was a bug and had been entered in bug tracker 0001809, and they were closing the trouble ticket. Nothing further was done, and Mantis 0001809 is for a Cabrillo export problem.
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