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Summary0001909: WSI Station (S) inaccurately includes other stations confirmed with the same country (should be same station only)
DescriptionFrom trouble ticket #925129:

Logbook Cluster Spot WSI "plus" and "minus" not working?

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In the DXCluster window if I have a callsign that I have worked, but not confirmed, it shows it as confirmed if I have that country confirmed with another call. An example is provided in the attached image where the I worked A0150N in Spain a couple of days ago and it shows the callsign as having "confirmed QSOs with this call in your log".

Callsigns that I have worked that are not confirmed and if I have not confirmed any with that country are correctly marked with the "minus" sign. In the attached image there is VP8LP which show that condition.

I did change the database to use the MariaDB and MySQL in case that would help and did not see any difference.

I had 91 views in the peer-to-peer support forum with no responses to the same question.
Steps To ReproduceJust to duplicate the issues I created and new empty database and deleted my MariaDB database.

1. Made up a dummy call from England, M2ADF, and added it to the log and set the freq/band to 15M and set the LOTW received to "V".
2. Saw a spot in the cluster , MX0HFC from England, and added it to the log as if I had a contact with them.
3. Disconnected from the cluster and then re-connected.
4. Plus sign shows MX0HFC as confirmed.

If I toggle the LOTW-received state the dummy entry M2ADF ( then disconnect from the cluster and then reconnect) it affects whether the MX0HFC has a plus or a minus sign.

Bryan - N0NHW
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2016-05-17 16:16


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WSI-station.png (180,338 bytes)


2018-06-13 23:14

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After re-testing with the 842 build, it's clear that this was completed at some point and not documented. We'll include this as an update to the next release.

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