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00019111 - BacklogBugpublic2018-11-30 23:07
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Summary0001911: Cannot return TS-790 to RX via CAT
Established connection with TS-790 via HRD with no problem. Frequency control, and most buttons like A>B appear to function as intended, however while clicking the TX button places TS-790 into transmit as expected, there does not appear to be a way to return the TS-790 back to RX operation. There is no RX button to click and re-clicking TX button (toggling the button) does not place TS-790 back into receive. I can not find a way using HRD to put TS-790 back into RX once placed in TX. Once put in TX, the TS-790 remains in TX operation transmitting a signal until physically powered off using the actual panel POWER switch, clearly not usable as a remote controlled rig. Can this be corrected?
TagsKenwood, TS-790
ModuleRig Control


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