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0001913Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-06-13 23:17
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.843 
Summary0001913: WSI are inaccurate in the 55x builds or are causing Logbook to freeze/crash
DescriptionA few things have happened since the 55x builds.

1. It's no longer possible for the WSI values to update after a new QSO is added to the log.
2. Some strange symbol (yield sign with a minus sign through it) has appeared and it does not represent the accurate WSI for the spot.
3. Since the 55x build, users have reported that the cluster is pale while updating and causes Logbook to (appear to) freeze/crash.
Steps To ReproduceLaunch Logbook... connect to DX cluster... observe.

(I'll write a lengthier test procedure soon.)
Additional InformationWSI values should be determined when the spot is received - regardless of the users filter selections.

There are exactly two events that should trigger a WSI refresh.

1. A new QSO has been added to the log (user selects F7)
2. An update is made to an existing QSO in the log (user selects F7)

In both of these cases, only the spots that match the callsign (station) or country (DXCC numeric) of the logged station (from 1 & 2 above) should get updated. The entire DX cluster should not reinitialize.

There has been no request to add a yellow triangle with a minus sign on it.
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related to 0002098 closedK7ZCZ Logbook UI stalls for a while after connecting DX Cluster 



2016-06-29 12:33

administrator   ~0002999

Additional detail:


2016-07-02 18:58

administrator   ~0003000

Some more:


2018-04-20 22:24

administrator   ~0004868

This issue needs clear repro steps and a description of the desired behavior before progress can be made.


2018-04-20 22:31

administrator   ~0004870

I think #3 is the same issue as 2098


2018-04-25 23:36

administrator   ~0004890

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I believe this was related to the code that was added as options back in 2015 or so. We've pinned these options down and they are no longer enabled for the user. As a result, I think this is gone.

I'm changing this to low and move it off the current dev list and if we can't confirm it, we'll consider it done.


2018-06-13 23:16

administrator   ~0005282

After re-testing with the 842 build, it's clear that this was completed at some point and not documented. We'll include this as an update to the next release.

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