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00019161 - BacklogBugpublic2017-03-08 00:07
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PlatformWindows OSWindowsOS Version8.1
Summary0001916: Only one QSO window can be open in DM-780
DescriptionI used to be able to have 4 or more QSO windows open and working in DM780 ... Been that way for years ... Starting with about 553 or 554, I can only have one window open (if CW(winkey)is one of them) ... If I have more then one open then funny things happen - CW(winkey) mode will come up and say something to the effect that Winkey is not running (appears to be running in Winkey window) and other modes (Psk or RTTY(FSK) for example) will appear to be just fine but there will be no modulation on the waveform when sending ... (Timewave Navigator interface)

If I go to just one QSO window and select the mode each time, then everything works as expected ... I tried to go back to a version that I knew used to work with multiple windows and now the older version has the same problem ...

Checked Signalink Interface on the other radio and everything is fine with 4 soundcard modes open ... It seems to be Winkey related ...

Checked Navigator with soundcard and RTTY(FSK) modes and all works as expected .. Throw in CW(winkeyer) and things fail
Steps To ReproduceIn Digital Master open more then one "QSO Window"
Make one of the open windows CW(winkeyer)
Go back and forth between windows
Choose CW(winkeyer) mode - Message (see attachment)
Choose another open window mode (say PSK) will go into xmit but no modulation
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