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00019195 - Closed w/o ActionBugpublic2019-06-17 22:54
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Summary0001919: Logbook does NOT retain Guest account
DescriptionWhen you enter a GUEST account in My Station, enter all the information. Close the My Station, and re-open it the information changes to "GU3ST" in the Operator's callsign box and "Guest" in the name field.

Makes it impossible to use a Guest account as it should. HRD should retain this data until it is shut down, then it should reset it to a empty dialog.

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related to 0001941 new 1 - Backlog Guest Account NOT retaining session data 



2016-12-03 11:19

administrator   ~0003024

I just investigated this one and there are several problems with it.

- If you enter a guest call... it will only change to "GU3ST" when you change from Guest to the original call... and back again (sometimes it takes a few tries of bouncing back-n-forth between the original call and the Guest tab.
- If you exit Logbook, the Guest seems to be persistent. This is a problem for licensing our software. It could allow shared keys to be used for calls that aren't licensed. (ie. pirate copies could use the guest account always, if it saves the call)

The Guest tab should retain the guest call until Logbook is restated. Then it should be cleared. Bouncing back-n-forth shouldn't cause it to go to "GU3ST". (Perhaps this was done to annoy pirates.)


2016-12-03 11:19

administrator   ~0003025

I've confirmed this in the 610 build.


2018-06-24 04:33

updater   ~0005425

I filled in a Guest, closed the dialog window, reopened it and the Guest details were still there.
I closed the Logbook, reopened it and the Guest details were still there.
When I clicked the tab for my call sign and then back to Guest the details were gone and GU3ST was shown.
However, subsequent closures of the My Station window do not save the Guest details.
Perhaps there should be an OK button to save the Guest details until the Logbook is closed?


2018-06-24 19:03

administrator   ~0005457

Moving this one back into the backlog.


2019-06-09 22:26

administrator   ~0008022

Guest goes away with the related changes to My Station in 6.6.

That's great. What we need to do is replace the "need" with a way to add callsign to a given "My Station's" list of "Operators".

In other words... a single "My Station" could have any number of "Operators." It needs to be a list that the user can build as they add operators.


2019-06-10 18:11

administrator   ~0008024

With the changes we're making in the 6.6 release, we're eliminating "Guest" completely. As a result, we won't be fixing this.

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