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0001935Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-21 21:49
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Summary0001935: Logbook crashes when attempting to update WSI after saving a QSO when Logbook has been running for a long time
DescriptionMost of this is copied from a forum post:

Logbook crashes when attempting to update WSI after saving a QSO when Logbook has been running for a long time. In this case, there are LOTS and LOTS of spots in the DX cluster pane and the crash seems to be more likely when lots of spots are being updated after saving a QSO record.
Steps To ReproduceSo... with that said... and the box checked please...

Leave Logbook running for DAYS. Work some DX please (ie. add QSOs to the log). At some point, there will be so many SPOTS in the cluster that - when you attempt to save a spot, you'll get a MFC error and Logbook will crash.

If you don't have that box checked... and if you're not adding QSOs to your log... then you probably won't see this.
Additional InformationThis started happening after we changed the process for updating the WSI. The WSI values should only change when the user saves a log entry (new or update to existing). You must have "Sync WSI with Log" box checked in the DX Cluster Options... WSI tab. The WSI no longer works the way it did. Whereas before, the WSI would update for all new spots... or you could cause it to refresh by changing a filter... now it will only refresh if you have that box checked. And it's supposed to only refresh spots that are for the country that you just logged... instead of refreshing the ENTIRE thing.
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How many ALE's do you have open?

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