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0001959Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-11-08 02:32
ReporterNT9EAssigned ToPD9FER 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10, 7
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0001959: Data Controller comport is enabled when 1st installed
DescriptionCurrent versions of HRD has Auto connect enabled in the Data Controller window within DM.
Steps To ReproduceInstall HRD, go to DM and open Data Controller window.
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Testing Beta Successful


has duplicate 0002960 closedK7ZCZ DM-780 Data Controller 
related to 0001780 closedK7ZCZ In Data Contoller Mode Wrong Mode Sent to TNC 
related to 0001781 closedK7ZCZ In Data Controller Mode, unable to reconnect to TNC after Disconnect 
related to 0001782 closedK7ZCZ In Data Controller Mode still shows normal SC in Waterfall 



2017-03-12 10:31

administrator   ~0003139

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As of v6.4.0.638 this issue has not been resolved, or it was resolved and came back. It needs to be done as soon as possible so people don't get an error every time they install an update and start DM-780.


2017-07-26 12:48

viewer   ~0003746

Also getting annoyed with all the tickets coming in about this.

We should
A: disable the auto connect or
B: remove it at all until we get a good integration with TNC > 3rd party program and DM780


2019-06-06 13:26

developer   ~0008002

I'm not able to reproduce this.

Here's what I tried:

1) Start up DM780
2) Use the "Data Controller" command in the "View" menu
3) The app now has a "Data Controller" pane. The "Connect" tab in that pane shows a list of COM ports.

For me, none are connected; maybe "enabled" means something different than "connected". But if so, it's not clear to me what it means.

If this is still a problem, please provide a detailed explanation and repro steps describing the issue. It might help to quote the error given when an update is installed and DM-780 is restarted.


2019-06-19 16:09

viewer   ~0008133

I would like to "as long this is a non functional feature" getting hidden to select it as an option
As long it is not defaulting to have Auto Connect selected.

In other words, do not give the customer the chance selecting Data controller.


2019-07-18 13:20

viewer   ~0008246

Why is Data Controller option still visible?
It confuses many customers and they still reporting DM-780 issues when the use the settings in that module.
Please Hide that option or remove it... rather yesterday then Tomorrow


2019-08-01 10:12

administrator   ~0008315

This is still an occasional issue where the customer believes he has a TNC and sets the auto-connect option. This is going to continue being a problem either until we get Randy and Erik to get that software completed for the PK232 TNCs or decides it's not going to be completed and take this option out of DM-780 completely.


2019-08-01 14:56

developer   ~0008321

In the 2019-08-01 call. Tim and Ferry explained that they wanted to make these changes:

1) Remove the "DataController" drop-down menu from the DM780 application
2) Remove the "Data Controller" button from the main tool bar in the DM780 application
3) Remove the "Data Controller" command from the View menu in the DM780 application
4) Disable "Data Controller" window from reappearing if it was saved in a previous layout


2019-08-09 12:30

developer   ~0008347

When the four visible feature in note 8321 are removed, what becomes of the "Let The Data Controller key the radio via interface." option in the PTT page of the program options?


2019-08-09 16:46

developer   ~0008350

Fixed in the 6.7 tree with this checkin:


2019-09-23 06:02

viewer   ~0008603

I do not see Data Controller in the DM View drop down menu. Beta


2019-09-23 13:27

viewer   ~0008612



2019-09-24 00:17

administrator   ~0008627


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