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00019775 - Closed w/o ActionBugpublic2019-09-14 01:41
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0001977: Command tester will not connect
DescriptionCommand tester will not connect when started from RC, Tools, Cmd Tester.

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ModuleRig Control
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2017-02-02 11:28


CMD TesterErr.JPG (41,911 bytes)
CMD TesterErr.JPG (41,911 bytes)


2019-07-26 02:16

administrator   ~0008277

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Since the date this record was entered, I have used the Command Tester module, during remote support calls, on many different radios and setups and have found it to be working as designed in every case. The error indicated in the image in the original report showing access was denied is a normal response when the Command Tester is executed while the radio is connected and Rig Control is running and connected to the radio as in normal operation. The way the command tester was designed to work is by starting HRD and when the rig connect screen comes up, just close the rig connection screen by clicking on the [X] in the upper right corner, which will open the Rig Control GUI without any radio connection. This will allow you to run the Command Tester from the Tools menu on the Rig Control GUI. Unless someone else has had issues with the Command Tester, I suggest we close this issue to get it out of the open queue.


2019-07-30 17:19

administrator   ~0008305

I haven't had a problem with the command tester, either.

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