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00019791 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-15 11:30
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Summary0001979: DM-780 locks up or becomes non-responsive
DescriptionFor some time we have had reports of DM-780 locking up, or becoming non-responsive, and also reports of hesitations in the waterfall and at times in receiving and transmitting hesitations. I believe I have found the problem. Was working with a customer who was experiencing all of the above issues to the point where he could hardly use DM-780. Watching his system, I got an idea and closed DM, opened his logbook, which he was using the default Access log. I opened his Database Manager, selected his logbook and MODIFY. I unchecked the option "Include in 'worked status' lookups". Closed that, restarted DM and the program worked perfectly. No hesitation in the waterfall, no more random lockups and no more non-responsiveness when he tried to click on a call to add it to his DM ALE window. This may be a key to a lot of major problems we're having with our software.
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