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00019841 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-15 11:30
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Summary0001984: IC-718 Split Function
DescriptionTicket# 260504

IC-718 HRD
Click a spot with QSX info sets both VFO frequencies and switches to split, but if VFO B is in wrong mode it does not get changed to the right mode. Select another cluster spot with no QSX info, my rig correctly sets new frequency on VFO A but keep the split on.

A 80m LSB and B 80m LSB No SPL

Click on a 15m CW spot with UP1
A 15m CW and B 15m up1 LSB SPL
Add to loogbook (F7)
Still in SPL

Click on a 20m USB No QSX info
A 20m USB and B 15m LSB SPL
ALE Reset (F4) > Still in SPL

Yes: Change mode
Yes: Use QSX
Yes: Reset split on ALE reset
Yes: Reset split on ALE save
TagsIC-718, ICOM
ModuleRig Control


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