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0001994Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-21 23:53
ReporterKB3NPHAssigned ToERIK 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.647 
Summary0001994: Incorrect parsing of fields in DM ALE
DescriptionWhen entering the call SV1LHZ in the DM-780 ALE, the callsign lookup does not appear to populate the user name and other data. If we select the "MORE" tab, we find a dot or period about the second or third line down in the Address window, which, when we put the cursor to the right of this dot and backspace, we can backspace to the top of the Address window.

When the SV1LHZ callsign is placed in the Logbook ALE, the lookup is done correctly and all information is populated as it should.

Both Mike and I verified this bug and it can be replicated.

The customer who reported this to me found the same problem with a few calls when entered in the DM ALE. Most worked perfectly, however some would do the lookup in the LB ALE but not the DM ALE.
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Sub-ModuleCall lookup



2017-03-09 22:04

administrator   ~0003135

Actually, I don't think it's entirely correct in the Logbook ALE... but let's get it correct in the DM ALE first.


2017-03-10 14:27

administrator   ~0003136

This QRZ XML Interface Specification might be helpful:


2017-03-12 14:22

administrator   ~0003144

Confirmed fixed by beta testers.

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