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Summary0001997: ALE does not update
DescriptionTicket #475608

Customer says if you enter a call in the ALE like "SM3JLA" it populates the information correctly in the ALE. However, if you make a mistake and just BACKSPACE in the call field to change the last to characters to "BO" instead of "LA" the name information remains the same as for SM3JLA and does not change to the correct name for SM3JBO.

Customer says this happens when he is using the QRZ XML lookup, however, according to his page on QRZ, he does not have an XML subscription. I tried to get him to send a screenshot of his Lookup Options screen, but he refuses.

Steps To ReproduceEnter a call in the ALE and do a lookup
Edit last one or two character and press "lookup"

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2017-07-08 23:08

administrator   ~0003598

What I can say about this one is the following...

The callsign logic should ONLY run on two events. One, the user exits the callsign field (tab, click elsewhere). Or two, the user remains in the callsign field and clicks the "Lookup" button.

If either of these events happen, the lookup logic should run. AND... therefore...

If the user comes back to correct a call... changes the call... the lookup data should clear... and it should go back to the logic as described above.

This can all be avoided if the user clicks the "Lookup" button after correcting the call.


2018-06-13 23:38

administrator   ~0005287

Tabbing out of the callsign field should always invoke the lookup logic.

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