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Summary0002010: Split function not being handled properly from DX Cluster
When selecting a station from the DX cluster, my split sets up backwards. It places the desired xmit freq on the Rx VFO (Main) and leaves the former freq on the xmit VFO (Sub) even if it is in the wrong band.

When the selection process takes place the VFOs switch back and forth 4 times.

Note: Customer is using a Yeasu FT-1000 MKV
Additional InformationKB3NPH notes:
I have tested this with both my FT-857 and FT-950 and the same thing appears to be happening on both radios as what the customer is experiencing, so, yes, it can be replicated.
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2018-06-13 23:43

administrator   ~0005289

There are so many issues with split on various radios that there must be some common cause to this.

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