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Summary0002013: FT-897 erratic and multiple VFO switching when selecting DX Cluster Spots
DescriptionI recently switched from HRD to the paid version HRD Unfortunately I ran into some issues when operating my FT-897D from HRD. Main issue is that the CAT Commands are apparently sent multiple times to the FT-897D, which causes some trouble.

For example, when selecting a station in the DX Cluster list of the Logbook application, an annoying switching sound is heard due to the multiple times the CAT command is sent. More importantly, when for instance issuing the AB command from HRD Rig Control, then the radio should switch from VFOa to VFOb or vice versa. What actually happens is that the VFO is switched four times in a row, and therefore effectively no VFO switch is done: VFOa->VFOb->VFOa->VFOb->VFOa. I could give many other examples of the misbehavior, but I expect these two examples are sufficient to explain the issue.
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