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Summary0002023: ALE: doesn't prompt about dirty fields or save when PREV or NEXT button pressed
DescriptionThe ALE features PREV and NEXT buttons to move from one record to another. These buttons don't track the "dirty" state of the fields in the record; they move to the next record without asking the suer if they want to save changes they might have made to the record.
Steps To Reproduce1) Make sure you've got a few records in your log.
2) Pick one -- anything is fine, and double click it. This opens the ALE to that record
3) Modify the record in any way you'd like
4) Press NEXT. You're not prompted about anything, which implies that the change you've made is saved.
5) Check out the list view -- if the field you've edited in #3 is visible in the list, you'll note that the change isn't visible
6) Press PREV to return to your original record. Indeed, the change hasn't been saved.

The "window should warn the user they'll lose changes when browsing records in this manner and offer to save (or not)
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2018-06-26 13:17

administrator   ~0005493

Next and Previous was introduced as a method to enable users to view log records without having to close the ALE. "Next" should display the full contents of the next QSO (database record). "Previous" should display the full contents of the previous QSO (database record). This functionality was not designed to populate data into a different database record. If the user decides to edit a record before hitting Next/Previous, they should be prompted to "Save" the record before displaying a different database record. This is the way it was intended to work.


2020-07-20 04:25

updater   ~0009802

This needs to be taken care of.
For instance, you opened a record of a worked station on 14.250 MHz.
Click the Lookup button
Click Next or Prev
Exit the ALE window
Now note that 14.250 is displaying 14

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