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00020431 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2019-06-15 11:30
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PlatformIntel i7-5960XOSWindows 10 Professional x64OS Version1703
Summary0002043: Logbook inconsistently applies slash zero option
DescriptionThe logbook app can be configured to show slash zero instead of a plain zero. This option is inconsistently used in the application.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start Logbook
2) Use the "Appearance" command in the "Options" tear off on the "Logbook" menu
3) In the resulting dialog, mark the "use slash zero" option on the "Logbook Window" tab
4) Note that the log view has slashed zeroes.
5) Connect to a DX cluster
6) Note that the DX cluster list has slashed zeroes
7) Open a log entry that has multiple QSOs
BUG#1) In the ALE for the opened QSO, note that the "Logbook" tab shows zeroes without zeroes that are _not_ slashed
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
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2019-05-30 16:55

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