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00020621 - BacklogMaintenancepublic2019-06-15 11:30
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Summary0002062: Logbook performance is poor with a large database
DescriptionI think a bit of rework of the database schema could help make the Logbook perform much faster.

The Logbook often does queries with "COL_CALLSIGN LIKE '%/K7ZCZ/%". Such a filter is not anchored; no index can be used to satisfy the query, so a full table scan is necessary to satisfy the query. That is slow.

Queries of this form seem to occurr because we're concerned with countyr prefixes on callsigns; in Canada, I might be "VE9/K7ZCZ", for example -- but we still want that to match a search for my naked "K7ZCZ" call.

I think a bit of restructuing in the database would make this a lot faster. The problem affects this tab, but this query also runs when the DX cluster is active (to populate the worked markers) and when using the Awards window.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open the logbook; debug build in the debugger
2) Open a large database
3) Double-click any log entry to get an ALE
4) I the ALE window, activate the "Worked" tab
5) after a pause, the Worked tab will populate.

The pause is because the database is being asked to scan all the rows in the large database you've opened.

The debugger logs the queries, they are here:

2017-06-21 16:13:39: ALE:Worked:Refresh: Call="KC3DS", Country="United States"
2017-06-21 16:13:39: LOG> WorkedStatusEx, Select: (COL_CALL = 'KC3DS') OR (COL_CALL LIKE '%/KC3DS/%') OR (COL_CALL LIKE '%/KC3DS') OR (COL_CALL LIKE 'KC3DS/%')
LogfileView.cpp(231) : atlTraceGeneral - SHOW> DBG 1, WorkedStatusEx, Select: (COL_CALL = 'KC3DS') OR (COL_CALL LIKE '%/KC3DS/%') OR (COL_CALL LIKE '%/KC3DS') OR (COL_CALL LIKE 'KC3DS/%')
LogbookFullLookup.cpp(147) : atlTraceGeneral - Callsign "KC3DS" = KC3, KC3DS,

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2017-08-18 09:52

administrator   ~0004032

This change set adds code which measures some of the performance events in this code path:

See issue 2220 for more details

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