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Summary0002074: Sat Track crash when manual tuning
DescriptionTicket #110120
Customer using IC-9100 with USB direct interface and Windows 10.

Juan posted 06/18/2017 2:39 AM
satellite tracking module locks up (not responding) after a minute or less when opened. I try switching between RX and TX frequencies to update my radio and the software becomes non responsive. I used same radio and computer before and I did not have this issue. I upgraded to latest version and issue still present. The only change in my environment is a Windows update performed automatically a few days ago.
Steps To Reproduce6/23/2017 did a remote into customer's computer. When tracking is set to "Auto", (check marks in RX and TX) radio and software tracks normally. When the Auto tracking (RX and TX) is unchecked and the "Manual" is checked, the customer attempts to change the frequency via the radio dial, Satellite tracker becomes non-responsive and has to be killed via the task manager.

Tried adjusting the refresh rate in RC, but that had no effect. Determined a possible bug in the 9100 RC code. If the customer connects his FT-847 to the system and uses that radio, everything functions properly. Doppler tracking works fine and when he switches to "manual" tuning, the software follows the radio without crashing or locking the software. When it does lock, it appears to be ONLY the satellite tracker that locks up. RC and LB appear to operate normally after the SatTracker locks up.

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2019-03-01 18:17

administrator   ~0007549

I would like to see the customer re-test this.

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