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Summary0002091: ODBC API calls flagged by Analyzer
In running the C++ code analyzer on the Logbook code, I find several errors in ODBC API calls that, to me, indicate the code could never possibly work as intended.

One common issue is the use of lists of strings which are terminated by two nuls:


In a few places, such strings are passed to standard C library or MFC calls, and those APIs don't handle the list of strings; they dutifully stop at the first nul terminator.

There are other issues, but these seem to be the most prevalent.
Steps To ReproduceCode like this, for example:

        BOOL bResult = FALSE;
        CString strCmd;
        TCHAR szCommand[1024] = _T("");
        TCHAR szDriver[1024] = _T("");

        strCmd.Format(_T("DSN=Test\0DBQ=%s\0\0"), m_strFilename);
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