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0002096Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-07-19 12:14
ReporterK7ZCZAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformThinkpad Intel Core I7-4600UOSWindows 10 Professional x64OS Version10.0.15063
Product Version6.4.0.657 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.664 
Summary0002096: Satellite Tracker: broken "skins" UI remains
The Satellite tracker app has a UI to enable skinning. It doesn't work and should be removed.

Steps To Reproduce
1) Start SatTracker
2) Use the "Appearance" command in the "Tools" menu
3) in the resutling "Appearance" dialog, activate the "Skins" tab

BUG#1) try anything you'd like here; it just doesn't do anything.
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ModuleSatellite Tracking
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2017-07-15 00:36

administrator   ~0003659

This checkin was done in my branch:

It removes commented-out, disabled, and broken code for skinning from the Rig Control, Digital Master, Logbook, Rotator, and Sat Tracker. All this code was dead. I'm not completely positive I've removed all the unused resources, but we're in far better shape than before with the unused code removed.


2017-07-15 01:00

administrator   ~0003660

Actually, this went into the mainline.


2017-07-19 12:14

administrator   ~0003693

All shipped as part of the 664 release.

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