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PlatformVMware VMOSWindows 10 Professional x64OS Version10.0.15063
Summary0002099: Setup: does setup actually install Access runtime?
DescriptionI don't believe setup is installing the Access 2007 runtime.

The repro steps listed in this Mantis isuse demonstrate what I find on the builds I've tested (Build 647, Build 656, and Build 658).

If I manually install an Access runtime, I see the product listed in the Control panel "Programs And Features" UI. On none of the VMs I've used to test those builds do I see the Access runtime listed.

I'm not particularly familiar with InstallAware, but if I edit the source code I find a step that says "Check for Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime". This step doesn't seem to do any work and unconditionally sets a variable to TRUE.

The next step, which is called "Setup for Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime", tests that variable and only installs if it is set to FALSE.

Doesn't this mean that the code never tries to setup the Access 2007 run time?

Steps To Reproduce1) Create a new Windows 10 VM
2) Install HRD on it
3) When setup is done, use Control Panel; select "Uninstall a program" under the "Programs" entry
4) The list of installed programs doesn't include any version of the Access runtime.

The attached screen shot shows the list I see.

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2017-07-05 14:31


SetupSetup.png (266,514 bytes)
SetupCheck.png (181,306 bytes)
SetupCheck.png (181,306 bytes)
SetupList.png (34,429 bytes)
SetupList.png (34,429 bytes)


2017-07-08 17:24

developer   ~0003592

It seems like this changet "nerfed" access installation:


2018-05-20 10:40

developer   ~0005068

100% sure at this point that setup is not _ever_ trying to install the Access runtime. We should talk over how we fix this.

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