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0002107Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-08-05 19:00
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.661 
Summary0002107: Rotor indicating 180 degrees off
DescriptionIn build .659, when testing the rotor control with the DEMO rotator, the indicator is showing 180 degrees off. When you click on a point in the Atlantic ocean, the rotor turns to the Pacific ocean. Not quite what it should be doing.

Steps To ReproduceConnect a Demo Rotator
click on Atlantic ocean area
Watch indicator dial and position of rotor moves to 270 degrees instead of 90 degrees.
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has duplicate 0002104 closedK7ZCZ Clicking on map with mouse directe the rotor reverse 



2017-07-06 23:42

developer   ~0003582

Sorry; another problem caused by refactor of the Locator code. The Heading() function had two versions: one that flipped 180 degrees, and one that didn't -- I chose the wrong one.

Fortunately, the Rotator app seems to be the only customer of the Heading() function, and only calls that function in one place.

Fix is checked in here:


2017-07-11 02:04

administrator   ~0003619

Initial problem is confirmed as fixed.

An additional issue still remains un-resolved and that is if the rotor is configured as a "South Stop" the guage is flopped and indicates that WEST is at the 90 degree position on the gauge. When you click in the Atlantic ocean, which should indicate 90 degrees on the gauge, although the indicator is pointing EAST, toward 90 degrees, the gauge is actually indicating EAST is at the 280 degree mark and WEST is at 90 degrees. This is just opposite of what it should be. The gauge should not be flopped when the "South" stop is configured.

South Stop Rotator.jpg (185,061 bytes)
South Stop Rotator.jpg (185,061 bytes)
Proper display with North Stop.jpg (284,829 bytes)


2017-07-14 15:08

viewer   ~0003652



2017-07-14 16:54

administrator   ~0003653

These were all released in the 661 build.

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