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Summary0002110: Frequency offset upon clicking spot
DescriptionUsers text:
Often when I click on a DX spot, my radio shifts frequency but goes to a frequency about .66 kkz off. If I click again on the DX spot, the transceiver corrects to the proper frequency. I just started experiencing this with my upgrade to the new version .659. It does not always make this .66 shift. I have not determined which spots seem to cause the .66 error
Steps To ReproduceClick on spot
Check radio tuned frequency.

Possible related to an earlier Yaesu issue (can't find ID)
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2017-07-25 00:12

developer   ~0003732

The ticket mentions that the customer is using an Elecraft K3S; this vitally important information failed to make it to this Mantis issue.

Also noted in the ticket is information that a similar bug existed with Yaesu radios until the tuning process was changed to reset the frequency after the mode was switched.

It seems likely that a similar problem affects Elecraft radios, just a bit differently. Unfortunately, without an Elecraft radio at my disposal, I'm not too sure how to best pursue a fix.

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