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0002114Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-06-13 09:13
ReporterK7ZCZAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntel i7-5960XOSWindows 10 Professional x64OS Version1703
Product Version6.4.0.659 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.843 
Summary0002114: Uninstall process has confusing UI
DescriptionUninstalling HRD shows prompts that stay "install" and "configure", which is confusing because the user expects to be UN-installing the software.

The uninstaller further shows the EULA and asks the user to agree to it, asks for a target directory, and asks if the installation should be done for all users of the computer or just the current user.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install HRD
2) Uninstall it with Add/Remove programs in the control panel
BUG#1) Observe that the UI shows the EULA, asks for a target directory, asks about user scope, and references "installing".

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Testing Beta Successful


related to 0002761 closedWA9PIE Uninstall process shows "Publisher Unknown" (indicating that setupHRD.exe is unsigned) 



2018-05-20 10:39

developer   ~0005067

Resolved with these checkins

The uninstall now looks like an uninstall; it doesn't show the EULA, talk about installation, or prompt for an installation location, ...


2018-05-29 16:40

administrator   ~0005145

I tested the uninstaller (on a clean VM) and it is much simpler and things that were unnecessary are removed.

Question, however...

On install, the publisher correctly shows HRD Software, LLC

On uninstall, the publisher says "Unknown". Is this the correct behavior? (Image attached)


2018-05-29 20:09

developer   ~0005146

More information is needed:

What did "Show more details" show?

What specific executable was running? You can find the executable by using Process Manager, and that will reveal a path to the file. Capturing the file would help; at the very least, finding the version and signature information from that file would be helpful.


2018-06-01 03:44

viewer   ~0005164

The uninstall is very fast, almost instantaneous. The HRD folder is still left with a few files in it.
Also files left at C:\Users\HRD\AppData\Roaming\HRDLLC.


2018-06-01 09:05

developer   ~0005165

The files remaining in the HRD folder should be removed after a reboot. If not, please take the time to enumerate and describe the files in your report; it would be useful to have the names and sizes.

It's by-design to not remove user data.


2018-06-05 13:56

administrator   ~0005203

I'm re-testing this.

John - install scripts only remove things that the install script created. Many things get created on "first-run". These things in the registry and in certain folders won't be removed by the installer (this includes activation key).


2018-06-05 14:07


ExactStepsTaken.mht (2,429,701 bytes)


2018-06-05 14:07

administrator   ~0005204

On re-test, the same result. That is - the installer removes the program just fine. It's cleaner and it's easier to understand.

(These tests ran on a clean Windows 10 VM that had never had anything installed on it except Windows updates.)

My finding is related to the uninstall dialog saying "Publisher Unknown" when setupHRD.exe was running the uninstall.

In the attached files, you'll find a file that contains all the steps taken with images at each step... with one exception. Problem Steps Recorder doesn't snag the image when the uninstall script goes into UAC. So the additional image (PublisherUnknown) happened at step 10.5.

We may not fail this change because of this. But it's worth knowing if there's something we should change so that the publisher of setupHRD.exe is not "Unknown" when the uninstall ran. (The publisher was known when the install occurred.)

PublisherUnknown.PNG (41,329 bytes)
PublisherUnknown.PNG (41,329 bytes)


2018-06-06 18:42

administrator   ~0005214

I've tested this twice with the same results. I'm going to pass this. If we seek to solve the "Publisher Unknown" problem with setupHRD.exe later, we can open a new bug report for that.

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