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Summary0002124: SWL Report Changes
DescriptionSWL reports are a bit different than 2 way QSOs. I've been doing a number of them with the Part 5 experimental medium and longwave stations and suggest these improvements.

1 -- Received RST should automatically be sent to null or blank when SWL report is checked. There is no received RST.

2 - LOTW sent should be automatically set to invalid when SWL report is selected. Any Logbook records marked as invalid should then be automatically excluded from the ADIF created by the LOTW upload function. This is important as I accidentally uploaded an SWL QSO as it was in the middle of a block of selected logbook records.
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2017-07-12 08:47

developer   ~0003632

Thanks for your report, DLS. I'd appreciate it if you could refine it a bit. In particular please provide repro steps that walk through the user interface you've exercised to demonstrate the bug.


2017-07-12 09:15

reporter   ~0003634

I reported this as an enhancement rather than a bug, so repro steps were not included. But to elaborate, I am specifying a set of events that I think make sense for SWL reports.

The ALE RST Received field should automatically blank when SWL report on the ALE screen is selected and either a null or blank be stored to the database as appropriate.

The LOTW Sent field should be automatically marked as Invalid when SWL report on the ALE screen is selected. Then I would expect to select a record or records for uploading from the Logbook list and click the LOTW Upload button. The internal routine that assembles the ADIF file which is passed to TSQL should ignore any selected record where LOTW Sent is marked as Invalid.

Also the upload code should also be looked at to make sure that records marked as SWL reports are not uploaded to

I hope that this provides a bit more detail about what I am looking for.

eQSL does explicitly allow uploading SWL reports, so this change probably should NOT be implemented for eQSL.

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