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Summary0002139: Satellite tracking with multiple radio's not working as expected
DescriptionI have a hard time explaining this, so I do a paste from the customers ticket:

For my satellite operations I use HRD to control two FT-991's, one uplink, one downlink. When doing so there is big problem. The frequency control of the radio designated as VFO B is relatively aligned with the Doppler shift changes in the program. However, the same cannot be said for VFO A. There is a great time lag between the changing frequency of the program and the actual frequency on the radio, sometimes it doesn't track at all. The frequency illustrated on the Rig Control screen (there is one for each radio) for VFO B and that on the Satellite Program screen for VFO B match but VFO A does not match and does not change the radio much if at all. BTW this is not when transmitting, if that is an issue.

It would seem to me that the changes would be instantaneous but this is not working at all. As a side note when selecting a particular satellite, the uplink mode (LSB) doesn't set properly either! Despite proper setup it always defaults to USB.

I had a ticket a while ago because the switch to manual doesn't seem to work for either radio, but the problem with the two VFOs and control of the radios is really bad and almost makes the program unusable for Doppler control.
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