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Summary0002140: Operating 2 transceivers giving strange behaviour in Satellite tracking and rig controll
DescriptionStrange and ghostly things are going bump in the night with Ham Radio Deluxe…Please see the video I did by clicking:

(Unfortunately your support emails will not allow me to attach this file directly.)

I am running dual Yaesu FT 991 radios which I mostly used for satellite work. HRD does not let me label each radio with different nomenclature so both tabs show FT 991. Of course, they are connected through different two different comports - in this case they are signed with VSPE so that PstRotator can control the frequency and mode when operating satellites. (Note: what you see in the video happens whether or not PstRotator is running or not.)

If you watch the video, you see multiple things changing. The filter width will constantly changes back to one or two no matter where I set it. (I cannot figure out where on my FT 991 this value is even set.) You can see me changing the settings back to 17 – while the program, usually immediately, sets it back to one or two.

Also, if you watch the buttons in the upper right side, they are constantly changing when nothing is being changed by me. Several of the settings like contour are not set by me.

Also, note that I changed from one radio to the other by clicking the tabs – and see similar but different button changing – although the filter width does the same sorts of weird things by buying setting the width to a value of one or two even though I want it at 17. As is said above, I don't know where the menu settings this is set.
Steps To ReproduceSee above, not able to reproduce.
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related to 0002139 assignedK7ZCZ 2 - Next Dev List (Holding Area) Satellite tracking with multiple radio's not working as expected 



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