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0002143Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2019-11-08 02:32
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0002143: Option to disable column width change notification on Logbook exit
DescriptionAs part of a recent build a new warning notification was added upon Logbook exit. This notification informs the user that columns widths have changed and asks whether the current settings should be saved. At best, this is an annoyance as I typically use the Logbook width command to resize the columns to match displayed data.

I am request that an option be added to turn off this notification as I receive it each time I go to exit Logbook and it is quite annoying to have to respond each time I exit.
Steps To ReproduceHit Logbook "Width" button to dynamically resize columns.

Exit Logbook.

Notification dialog will display.
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related to 0002588 new 1 - Backlog HRD Logbook for any log database should retain and use a set of database attributes 



2017-07-20 04:18

viewer   ~0003700

Possible dialog box:

Columns widths have changed. Save them to profile named "Default"?
                                                                    [Yes] [No]
[ ] Don't ask each time I exit Logbook


2019-05-09 15:07

administrator   ~0007923

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I think this is at least a partial duplicate of 2588.

This issue (2143) doesn't capture the fact that column widht is presently stored for the whole application rather than per database (by name) or per database vie (by each window; there can be more than one view of the database records per database that's open.

2588 correctly captures the fact that there are several settings that probably should be saved per database, probably retrieved and applied based on the name of the database when it is opened. This might be a little bit complicated given the Logbook's attempt to provide some pre-defined "layouts" for windows, controls, and columns. It requires some care to sort out because the different views might or might not change -- columns shown in the various Award views, for example.

I think this issue (2143) should be closed as "won't fix" or "duplicate", and then we can get to work on the decisions and design necessary to address the larger issue described by 2588.

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