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Summary0002146: FT-767GX - Frequency/band display in Logbook doesn't match Rig Control
DescriptionDid a remote into customer's computer. He has an FT-767GX connected to Rig Control. All functions in Rig Control controls radio properly. Frequency display is the same in RC and on Radio. Tuning radio indicates changes on RC GUI accordingly.

Open Logbook and logbook appears to connect properly to Rig Control, however the frequency shown in Logbook is totally different and does not change when changing frequency on the radio.

This same issue is present in DM-780. DM displays same frequency as indicated in the Logbook screen.

I have attached a screenshot of the customer's RC and LB displays.
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related to 0003322 assignedK7ZCZ FT-767GX radio, Logbook not displaying correct frequency 



2017-07-20 12:01


FT-767GX Bug.jpg (294,675 bytes)


2017-07-20 12:08

administrator   ~0003702

Forgot to include Ticket #238809 for further reference.'


2019-12-09 12:32

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Please note another ticker with same issue Ticket 227125


2020-01-23 15:01

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Please add OS ticket 530255 to the mix

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