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00021491 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2018-12-01 15:06
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Summary0002149: Logbook Backup location
Then choose the location for your backup.
If you have multiple logbooks the backups for those logs will all be placed in the last location selected.
For easier maintenance of the backups it would be preferable to have a separate backup location for each log.
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related to 0002588 new HRD Logbook for any log database should retain and use a set of database attributes 



2018-06-14 00:00

administrator   ~0005295

I don't understand this request. I understand the backup locations well. Their use is described in a video I put on our YouTube channel.

I think this ability already exists.


2018-06-14 03:00

updater   ~0005320

I have a number of logs . If I select a backup location for my main log then all the other logs are saved into the same location.
Changing the backup location for another log would change the backup location for my main log.
I would like to see an option to save each log in a different location.


2018-12-01 15:06

developer   ~0006509

There are several globally-configurable settings which we should consider making local to each logbook database. I'm realating this issue to 2588, which includes other suggestions for database-local configurations.

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