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00021661 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-06 13:47
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Summary0002166: Logbook remarks not visible in DM-780 ALE
DescriptionIf you work a call in the Logbook and then later work the same station in DM-780, any 'comments' in the log will not migrate to the DM-780 ALE 'remarks' ...
However, a 'remark' added to the DM-780 ALE will migrate with the QSO information and will get stored in the log (comments) ....

This is a problem because if you have notes stored in the 'comments' box and then work the same station from the DM-780 ALE, all the comments for that station will be lost from that point forward. 'Comments' should equal 'remarks' or change 'remarks' to 'comments' and migrate both ways .....
Everything else migrates in both directions
Steps To Reproduce1. Log a contact in logbook ALE and in include a comment, say "XXX"
2. Save the contact
3. Go to DM-780 ALE and open a QSO with same station
4. Comment "XXX" will not be in 'remarks' or anywhere else
5. Save contact from DM-780 ALE
6. Go back to Logbook ALE ... Open contact with same station ... Comment box will now be blank .. Overwritten by blank remarks box in DM-780 ALE.
7. Reverse procedure and add a comment in DM-780 ALE and save the contact
8. Go back to Logbook ALE and open same contact .. Info from DM-780 Remarks will be in Logbook Comments (The way it should work, but in both directions)
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related to 0000450 closed 5 - Closed w/o Action DM780 ALE window does not transfer 'comments' from previous QSO's 



2017-08-01 07:16

updater   ~0003800

Let me rephrase the Title:
It's more then "Remarks not visible in DM-780" The comments/remarks are erased from the logbook ...


2017-08-18 12:05

developer   ~0004049

See also 0000450.

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